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Dickson Mbi from the Akram Khan company performing for the opening. Video by Matthew Miles

ΑΝΥΠΑΚΟΗ is a 17 metre-long wall constructed from a steel spring skeleton built up with a recycled plastic skin which reacts and breathes around the human body. The public are invited to participate in a mood of creative disobedience by transitioning from an obedient and passive spectator to a disobedient actor, physically passing through the wall along an undulating walkway.

The design was created in response to the theme of Emotional States. Studio INI’s immediate reaction to this theme was to investigate how the dynamic and interchangeable states of emotions exist in stark contrast to the static and immoveable states of our built environment. It lead us to think what if the static archetypes that define our built environment, in this case the wall, could be morphed, adapted and reshaped in response to our emotions? 

Eagle eye view by Luke Walker

Adelie Lavail creating an improvisation in the structure.

Disobedience was chosen as it conveys an emotional journey that reflects a core part of the creative process. As the project was commisioned for the Greek Pavilion we also wanted to show  this through Greek temperament and history; you just need to look to Greek mythology for evidence of early explorations of the multi-faceted nature of disobedience across the tales of Ikarus, Antigone and Prometheus .

This lead us to ask: Can we redefine our interaction with matter and architecture, as we evoke the emotional journey of disobedience?

This question: Can we disobey any notion that architecture is static or emotionally inert? This is a core part of Studio INI’s design research into Augmented Materiality.

Augmented materiality seeks to address our need for transformation. Studio INI uses digital tools and computation that apply new technologies to the material world. Whereas the more commonly known ‘augmented reality’ enhances reality through layers of computer-generated information, ‘augmented materiality’ embeds interactive capability in matter itself and in this way connecting the material world directly to human perception and response.

In an augmented materiality, you play with the rules of logic and the archetypes of static architecture, whilst still being bound by the laws of physics and the material work. 

Photos of the structure day and night at Somerset House by Luke Walker and Ed Reeve

Hands on prototyping and advanced manufacturing

The entire project was underscored by an intensive mix of hands on prototyping and advanced manufacturing, Studio INI was able to work closely with a core group of manufacturers who allowed us to iterated and test our concept at full scale. This meant that we could not only make a fully interactive mechanical architectural installation, but we had partners who worked at the same pace, bringing a level of intuitive development that you rarely can achieve at such scale.

UPDATE: Ithra Tanween installation
Following the London Design Biennale Studio INI was honoured to exhibit at the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture for the Tanween Creativity Season in Late October 2017.

Its always special seeing your work being experienced by those who don’t have unbiquitous access to these installations as we do in London.

UPDATE: Kolkata centre for Creativity Acquisisition
Studio INI was proud to announce that Disobediance had found a permanent home at Emami Art’s new space: the Kolkata Centre for Creativity.

The setting of the installation indoors creates a strong juxtaposition

Credits Studio INI (led by Nassia Inglessis, with team Manos Vordonarakis, Luke Walker, Nicole L'Huillier, A. Yioti. Neiheiser Argyros, C. Hornzee-Jones, Elliott Wood Partnership Ltd. Special thanks to Smile Plastics and VETA S.A.

During this project I worked on late stage conceptual development and interaction design, full scale prototyping, mechanical engineering, sleep deprivation, endurance, advanced manufacturing and photography. A large part of the project was managing large groups of manufacturers and fabricators, striking a balance between working fast but also to an extremely high level of quality as every component counted in our design.

Press Its nice that, Financial times, Londonist, BBC, New York Times, The Guardian, The Observer, Daily Mail :( , Aesthetica Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, London Live, Time Out London, Icon Magazine, Design Week and many many more.

Thanks Nassia for taking me on the crazy ride that was Disobediance, never would I imagine that such a small team could pull off such an installation. 

November 2018


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