Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
Deconstructing my creative approach through intuitive visual experimentation.

Constant experimentation and playing with different artistic mediums kept me open minded and willing to try new methodologies and ideas without worrying about the consequences of failing or coming through with unintended outcomes.

The quick fire experimental approach allowed me to produce work in an intuitive manner and quickly hone in on a style which I felt confident with. Towards the end of the year my work mainly consisted of audio-visual pieces and installations.

During that year I gained a strong appreciation for the interaction between my creations and the people viewing them. As a designer I try and make sure that whatever I make communicates an idea as easily as possible, and I think that seeing the public reactions to my early artworks gave me a deeper appreciation for this interaction.

Copyright © 2018 Edward Brial

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