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"Integrated sports intelligence suit" Mechanical Engineering group project.

Our solution to the Rio Tinto Sports Innovation Challenge was the Integrated Sports Intelligence Suit (I.S.I.S.) – a suit which measures and relays telemetric data to both able-bodied and disabled athletes. The information is provided with a simple, cost-effective and universal tool. It gives pertinent and intuitive feedback on athletic performance via a modular array of wearable sensors.

The initial inspiration for the project came through a series of conversations with paralympic athletes. We found that many athletes could not gather telemetric data on their own and that some couldn’t even train on their own due to lack of feedback on their technique.

During the project we approached Madison distribution, they liked the concept and sponsored it by providing the team with sports equipment to build our prototypes from.

A project in collaboration with Raunaq Bose, Tobias Bristow, Niraj Patel and Benedict Pfender. During the project I lead the design and manufacturing and worked on signal processing for the MMG sensors.

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