Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
Hi there, my name is Edward Brial.

I am a multi disciplinary field designer + engineer working in sustainable ideas and technologies. I work on site to ensure an honest and contextually aware design process incorporating many facets of design thinking, design research and engineering strategies. I also work as an innovation consultant.

I am currently investigating novel technologies in closed loop agricultural and manufacturing systems for clothing from my base in London as a founder of ODC technologies, a design research studio investigating resilient futures in food, clothing and materials.

My work so far spans many topic areas as I have been looking holistically at how culture and technology can be instigated to drive solutions to the problems that humanity will face in the near future. Whilst my time at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College was primarily focused on sustainability and food, I have spent the last 2 years looking into experimental design and ways of engaging audiences with complex and abstract ideas.

I am now looking at synthesising what I have learnt, to bring solutions to bottom up and top down design problems in areas such as climate change awareness, circular design and conscious consumption. I believe that design can be used to connect and implement different cutting edge technologies to generate resilient systems in which to begin reducing humanities impact through excessive consumption and eventually reverse it.

With Roots in London, Paris and the Pyrenees I travel across the world both for my work and to explore. I am just as ‘comfortable’ Trekking through Arctic Jungles in Uganda or finding engineering components in the streets of Kolkata as I am designing from my Desk in London or Font Romeu.  This ability to work and explore in different cultural and professional contexts stems from my ability to work well with diverse teams and individuals identifying how to generate positive situations or effective working environments. Something that is key to working in the field of innovation, where standards and norms in work style don’t always apply.

I have put a summary of my ‘hard’ skills below, but please check out my LinkedIn or my CV for more details.

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2017 - present

2017 - 18

2016 - 17

2017 - 18

2013 - 14

2012 - 14

ODC technologies
Founder + Designer

Studio INI
Senior Designer + Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Yuri Suzuki
Designer + Technologist

Mechancial Engineer + Researcher

ICDC (Imperial Society)
Founder + Media
2014 - 2016

2010 - 2014

2009 - 2010

Royal College of Art, Imperial College London, Pratt Institute, Keio University

Mechanical  Engineering (MEng) 
Imperial College London

Art foundation
Chelsea College of Art & Design







Design Thinking, HCD, Design Research, Project Management, Rapid prototyping and vaildation

Fusion 360, Solidworks, Keyshot, Adobe, JS, C++, Arduino, Processing, Unity (basic)

Design for manufacture, Mechanical testing, FEA (basic), Electronical and electronics, Sourcing, 

Metal, Wood, Plastic, Textiles
Wood and Metal workshops, 3D printer

French    (fluent)
Spanish  (intermediate)

Never gets lost, Driving a 4x4 offroad, Managing border crossings, finding the best record store and coffee shop in town. Confident travelling in non convential regions.




2014 - 16


Tanween exhibit
Studio INI

London design biennale
Studio INI

Audi Salone
Yuri Suzuki

Solo + Group

1851 student scholarship

Paris-Dakar cycling expedition

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