Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact

Ototo Playable Room

for Yuri Suzuki Design Studio

A collaboration between onedotzero and Yuri Suzuki Design Studio, the Ototo installation uses the Ototo circuit board to create a tactile musical adventure where you are the conductor and your instruments are balloons, vegetables and unconventional objects.

The Ototo Playable Room explores sound in a playful way that engages with all ages and fans of the digital culture. The installation was presented at Meet d3 that celebrates creativity throughout the Dubai Design District.

During the project I worked with OneDotZero and Yuri Suzuki on conceptual and interaction design. I then designed the sensors to work with the ototo board through several prototypes and I designed the interior of the installation with support from onedotzero to work with local contractors.

Client: D3 design district

Credit: OneDotZero, Shane Walter (Photos), Gabriel Vergara II, Yuri Suzuki

November 2016

Below: People of all ages and backgrounds interacting with the installation.

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