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During the summer of 2012 I cycled a very long way. Here are some photos documenting a long journey.

The organisation took the team and I on an extensive trip before even starting to cycle. Rigorous training regimes, a 60 page proposal to secure sponsorship and advanced expedition first aid training as I was chief medical officer. It may not have been a conventional internship, but all of these experiences have contributed to my current abilities to work and settle in foreign environments and new situations with ease.

The photos focus on the latter part of the trip, although the climate and culture did change gradually from the moment we left Paris. The biggest change came the moment we entered the desert. Civilisation disappeared and we were on one road to Dakar.

From then on, cycling took on a different rhythm and we stopped worrying or complaining about anything. The 4am wake ups were fine, the inescapable sun, the water scarcity, the brutally desolate landscape, nothing phased us anymore. Arriving in Dakar, I felt calm and collected, one of the few accomplishments in my life that I feel truly proud of.

Many thanks to Lorraine Craig form the Imperial College expedition board and James Champion from Madison Distribution for helping us with guidance and sponsorship. The trip would not have happened without you!

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