Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
Solo masters design project looking at creativity in education.

Promethean is a platform for teaching young teenagers about the relevance and application of creativity and its broader importance in life.

Promethean teaches creativity through activity-based workshops, which have been developed from cutting edge research. It has now been piloted through multiple creative cooking workshops and a web application. The project was also a finalist for the Helen Hamlyn award for creativity.

For the core of Promethean I designed four pillars of creativity to design exercises from, the pillars are based on creative academic research. They are creative challenges, creative reflection, motivation and mind expansion.

The project was borne out of an interest in how people from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds can be united through youth culture. An investigation into the barriers of socioeconomic mobility, led me to believe that creativity is a key ‘hard skill’ for the future of work. It is a core competency that all workers will need in the future, yet it declines generationally and through current education practices.

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