Edward Brial

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Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
Quality and Longevity via Integrated Validation and Evaluation. Get it?

During my placement at ROLI I worked on developing a testing methodology to assess the mechanical characteristics of the Seaboard and how to provide meaningful data as a means of quality control. QLIVE was the culmination of the project. QLIVE is a CNC rig that has interchangeable functional heads allowing it to test different material properties.

Creating an innovative product means walking into the unknown, sometimes the functionality of the product has never been seen before, or it could be never before seen materials and manufacturing methods. The ROLI Seaboard is a prime example of such a product.

However, no matter the level of innovation that a product delivers, it must function according to the designers intentions. Therefore means of quality assurance must be designed and implemented to allow comprehensive assessment of a product, especially when it uses novel technology.

The project was in collaboration with Jack Armitage who took care of control and programming, my role lay in the conceptual and physical design, manufacture and mechanical testing methods.

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