Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
A critical report looking at the role of designers in the humanitarian and development industries.

Download the whole report here.

For this report I wanted to dive into the world of social design and humanitarian innovation and gain a better understand of a field I knew little about. I wanted to look at work that is inspirational to me: social design projects with a focus on development of infrastructure in communities where there is little. I set out to build a knowledge base and gain a deeper understanding of the humanitarian industry to see how design fits in. I also wanted to see where non humanitarians can enter into the industry, as the NGO networks and established resources are incredibly valuable. As design is more accepted through a breadth of industries, looking at social design and humanitarian innovation. It’s also an interesting way to explore what design means but to myself and to humanitarians.

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