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Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
A new skate scene going back to the DIY roots of skateboarding, merging old styles with the new ones you would expect from a scene in relative isolation.

Whilst on a recent trip with a group of friends to East Africa, we managed to get a glimpse of a new skate scene in its relative infancy. We skated in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. In every country we were met by local skaters like old friends, joining the fray of whichever session was going down.

Shout out to all the skaters for letting us ride your parks and spots:

Nairobi: Skate nation 254.
Kampala: The Uganda skateboard Union.
Kigali: Skateboard Rwanda.

Anyone interested in this scene and especially those interested in supporting the locals should check out skateboard ngo’s such as skate aid or make life skate life, without these guys the kids would not have the parks or the boards that they have now.

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