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Sonic Pendulum

for Yuri Suzuki Design Studio

Designed by Yuri Suzuki Design Studio with QOSMO for the Audi Pavilion at Milan Design Week 2017 inside a historical former seminary, Sonic Pendulum is a sound installation in which artificial intelligence imagines and materialises an endless soundscape.

Sonic Pendulum is a sound installation in which artificial intelligence imagines and materialises an endless soundscape. Generating a calming ambient-sound and bass-line atmosphere; the algorithm conducts the voice of Miyu Hosoi and processes disturbances around the space, generated by the crowd themselves. The result is in an ever-evolving piece - each moment singular, never to be repeated exactly again - in conversation with its visitors and the way in which they move around the space.
The structure is made up of 30 pendulums which, while gently modulating the sound coming from speakers through doppler effect, are also a visual representation of a dream: a systematised mess, with moments of order emerging from the chaos.

During the project I worked as a senior interaction and industrial designer.
With Yuri Suzuki and Gabriel Vergara II we worked on conceptual and interaction design to pitch to Audi. 
With Yuri Suzuki and QOSMO we designed the logic for the algorithm to control the sound scape being generated.
With Bathke Geisel Architekten and MKTAG I worked on the detail design and engineering of the structure.

Initial renders and models to visualise how we would fill the space.

The sound modulation was carried out both physically as well as digitally, the different components are seperated out below.

The initial reasoning for a pendulum came from Yuri looking into physical modulation through the dopple effect.

A visual demonstration of the doppler effect with pitch shifting from a moving object.

Surround panning to move sounds around the space, giving a sense of flux that you have in a dream.
I wrote a simple script visualising the pendulum movement as a visual prototype.
Simple script showing the movement of the pendulum wave. Helpful to quickly design physical size.

The script I wrote to show the pendulum swinging. 

Above: (Left) Birds eye view of the seminario. (Right) Additional detail of of the pendulums, each one of a different length.

Client: Audi

Credits: Qosmo, Manabu Shimada, Edward Brial, Selina Van Orden, Gabriel Vergara II, Bathke Geisel Architekten, MKTAG, TFN, Dojo Filmhouse

Press: Creative applications, Dezeen

April 2017


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