Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact

Synth Play

for Yuri Suzuki Design Studio

A sound installation using giant inflatables to create a collaborative and intuitive way of making music

Synth Play uses primitive movements to create a musical interface which a person uses their body to physically interact with the installation to create a sensory experience, encouraging people to play and have fun making music in a unusual way.

Synth Play is made up of 5 units/controllers in the space to make music with. Moving the inflatables around the space sets off sensors which generate music based on the speed and direction of the objects. The serendipity of playing with others makes for more of an ambient reflection of the energy in which the audience puts into the space.

The installation was shown at the We Are Robots music festival in East London at the Truman Brewery. The event explored the ideas and movements that are propelling the future of the music industry.

During the project I worked as a senior interaction and industrial designer, working with programmers and manufacturers to create a new type of instrument.

Client: Raven

Credits: Andy Sheen, Gabriel Vergara, Juo Tzu Chan, Marie Trcd

September 2017

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