Edward Brial

Multi disciplinary design, engineering & photography
Working in the field, on sustainable ideas and social impact
Reinterpreting Jorgen Leth's "The Perfect Human."

How do we project perfection on ourselves? The herd plays with an archetypal act (clinking wine glasses) to highlight the banality of common conceptions of perfection and how we unquestioningly absorb these into our everyday lives.

Starting with a critical round table discussion my ideas quickly fixated around the notion that perfection can only be within a certain context, like a thought experiment under ideal conditions. When we expand into reality an ideal concept starts to fall apart, and become unobtainable.

As with the original movie any attempt at representation of perfection carries a sense of progressive melancholy. While the film presents ideals of beauty and intelligence, we have time to question and see the fallacies in our ideals.

The video was the culmination of a 2 day workshop ran by Takram London looking to critically assess Jorgen Leth's "The Perfect Human." and reinterpret a new sequence using a quick fire design approach called aesthetic gambling. Link to the original film here.

A project in collaboration with Jun Kamei and Marco Monterzino. During the project I lead in the acting, editing and initial conceptualisation.

Copyright © 2018 Edward Brial

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